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About ICKC

The Inventors Center of Kansas City (ICKC) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing inventors and product developers networks, resources & tools to develop ideas into viable products. We help first-time inventors bring their ideas to fruition, serving as a source of education and a guide to entrepreneurial success. We provide a learning forum for inventor/entrepreneurs and those in allied fields. We help guide inventors through the idea development process from validation, evaluation, competitive analysis, business planning, funding, prototyping, patenting, marketing, distribution and licensing.

We believe some of our country’s most valuable resources are:

  • new inventions,
  • new technology
  • the unique individuals that create them.

ICKC currently meeting on zoom until we are able to meet in person.  Our meet-ups are held the third Tuesday of each month with attendance of 60 to 80 people and boasts a large member-base throughout the region.

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January 17th, 2023 Inventors Showcase Featuring Tamara Ghandour.

Happy New Year! Please joins us while we host Tamara Ghandour! Tamara is a human centric innovator, whose innovations include ‘The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) which has made innovation a tangible and accessible goal for everyone! An accomplished author, business owner, creator and innovator her numerous breakthroughs have been acknowledged by companies like Procter & Gamble, US Army, and Disney! Come be inspired and share your own dreams with us!

The Board of Directors would like to take a moment to thank all of our donating members for helping to keep the Inventors Center of Kansas City going. During 2022 we launched “Fast Track Your Invention”, to provide more personalized coaching to our  membership.

Now as we begin 2023 we promise to continue to provide great speakers and support to our members.

5:30-6:30 Meet and Greet

6:30pm – 8:00pm Inventor’s Showcase

Zoom Link https://zoom.us/j/997705742


November 15th, 2022 Inventors Club Round Table and Improv!

Join us for our spotlight during Kansas City’s Global Entrepreneurship Week!

The Inventors Center of Kansas City welcomes you to our special GEW edition of our monthly meet up.  This month we will be having an invention round table. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just working on your first project you can get your questions answered by our panel of experts; including an inventor, prototype, patent attorney and a licensing expert! Join us in person at:

Or via zoom at:


Find further details on the Kansas City’s Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022 at:


October 18th, 2022 6:30pm-8:00 Inventors Showcase Meeting

Meet and Greet at 5:30-6:30

Join us for an engaging meeting online!

Join us as we host Rita Crompton The Inventor Lady! Founder of FleCusa International speaks about her experiences and her workings on ‘Trade Shows from Both Sides of the Isle’ and ‘Inventors Roundtable’.

Join us online for https://zoom.us/j/997705742

January 17th, 2023 Meeting on ‘How to Work Trade Shows From Both Sides

Join us for an engaging meeting online!

Details to Come!

March 15, 2022 Meeting

Join us for an engaging meeting online!

This month Marcy McKenna will be our featured speaker, sharing with us her 5 Step Product Validation Formula. Marcy is an acclaimed inventor and product designer. She has been featured on numerous TV, radio, and podcast programs. As inventors, we have lots of ideas. Quickly filtering them and being able to focus our efforts on those that are market-worthy is a skill that is critical for inventing success. Don’t miss hearing her insights and formula!

For the foreseeable future, we’ll be meeting ONLINE ONLY, at 6:30 pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Here’s the link – https://zoom.us/j/997705742

Copy it and paste it into your calendar… NOW!

April 19, 2022 Meeting

Join us for an engaging meeting online!

Licensing Superstar Stephen Key on Licensing Your Inventions.

Stephen is the acclaimed author of “Invent Right”, and founder of a product licensing business by the same name. He has helped countless inventors to quickly, efficiently and profitably license their ideas to others. We’ve featured Stephen in past years, and his counsel remains some of the most memorable and popular content that we are blessed to share. Don’t miss this meeting! Here’s the link – https://zoom.us/j/997705742

May 17, 2022 Meeting

Join us for an engaging meeting online!

For our May meeting, Deepak Dashairya, Regional Outreach Officer for the US Patent & Trademark Office will show us some new tools for searching the USPTO database. Searching the USPTO is a necessary part of the invention process – for ensuring that your invention is patentable, and for ensuring that your idea does not violate the patent rights of others.

For the foreseeable future, we’ll be meeting ONLINE ONLY, at 6:30 pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Here’s the link – https://zoom.us/j/997705742

Copy it and paste it into your calendar… NOW!

February 2021

Ryford Estores
Topic: “From Barber to Millionaire”

Ryford was working as a registered nurse in NYC and not liking it, He started cutting his own hair, and then friends hair till he hit upon an idea. So far 15 million in retail sales. Hear his story of the plan he set up to achieve his goals. It’s inspirational

Also there is a Special Motivational Video – “20 Million Dollar Sales Inventor Shares His Insights to Success”

There will also be Chris’s Invention Showcase

March 2021

Warren Tuttle
Topic: “What to Do and What Not to Do to Get a Licensor to Consider Your Product”

Over 1000 products licensed, several billion in retail sales!

A Special Motivational Video – “30 Million Dollar Sales Inventor Shares Her Insights to Success”

There will also be Chris’s Invention Showcase

April 2021

Topic: “Showered with success, from a simple improvement to an existing product”

Dana Knowles has an engaging presentation, sharing her story of the diligent inventor. You will be inspired by her perseverance and determination!

May 2021

Topic: “Getting your product ready for the marketplace.”

Carmine Denisco is a successful Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author, Podcaster, Investor, Patent and Trademark Holder. He has designed, developed and manufactured many products sold in retail stores, TV shopping channels, online and infomercials some have gone on to be licensed by major chain stores.
Denisco is dedicated to helping inventors correctly navigate the invention and manufacturing process, giving each inventor their best shot at success.

June 2021

Topic: “Selling your invention on Amazon.”

Carlos Alvarez is going to talk to us about getting your product ready for Amazon, getting it on Amazon, and then promoting it on Amazon.  Carlos is a current top 1% Amazon Seller (2020 Gross Sales of 169 Million).

July 2021

Topic: “When to patent. When not to”

Patent Attorney Julie Scott described where and how patents are vital, and when patents might not be your best option. She laid out all the steps to get a patent and how to defend a patent that gets infringed upon.

August 2021

Topic: “Fast Track Your Invention!”

Rapidly speeding up your invention process is possible when you know the right steps, know the right people, and have the right resources. Do you have all that? Better make sure!

Several speakers reinforced this and provided the tools and tips to shave months, if not years, off the timetable for bringing inventions to market.

Additionally, ICKC President John Meyer introduced a new Members-Only benefit; a coach/mentor program that is designed to give maximize both the speed and the success of inventions. So, if you haven’t paid your 2021 membership, do so now.

September 2021

AN ICKC FIRST! We collaborated on an invention in real time!

Author, Coach, Mentor Dennis Hodges facilitated our meeting, helping us to refine an Inventors Cards game/tool to be both fun and thought-provoking.

Dennis believes that we’re all creative and have simply forgotten. Serving as a creative catalyst (or creatalyst), Dennis shares strategies for reclaiming our innate gifts and turning ideas into action. He is the Managing Director of Creatalyst, a global strategy boutique that teaches how to unlock creativity and drive innovation in organizations and individual lives.

Dennis has led strategic marketing and customer experience initiatives for many companies in Europe and the US over the past 30 years. He is also a fine art photographer.

In his talks and workshops, he mixes strategy, photography and creative thinking to challenge the audience’s perspective and ignite their personal creativity.

October 2021

November 2021

January 2022

February 2022

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past Speakers

2020 Speakers



Allen Little
His website https://www.rethinkbig.org/
Topic: – “How To Quash your Fears and Motivate Yourself with Your Inner Voice”
He will discuss overcoming your fear of success and fear failure so you can motivate yourself to achieve your goals by using your inner voice to get into action. Also discuss the value of having a planned elevator pitch ready.

Kathy and Susan
Topic: Show and discuss the challenges of getting their product to market.

Members Inventor presentation of several items they have on the market, what they did wrong and then right.



Benjamin Harrison featured Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines
Topic: Learn how to get your ideas into companies without making dreaded cold calls.

ICKC Lightbulb Moment: A short video on Searching your new idea using Boolean

Randy Pierce, Inventor, shows and discusses his latest invention and its challenges getting it developed and to market.









2019 Speakers


Thomas Randy Pierce – Topic- Finding a reputable designer and consultant for your product

Audience – tell about their products, where they are in the process and who they’ve used to move their products forward
For more Entrepreneur activities/meetings visit https://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar

February – Meeting cancelled due to snow storm


Colin Elwell (Lawrence) – Developed a utility-patent-pending topper with a proprietary connector to the keg. His topper sells retail or in liquor stores. www.draftpak.com

Joe Crane joe@smartideasonline.com – Joe markets his products to solely on Amazon, no website. Expertise ranges from the inventors perspective of coming up with an idea, sourcing from China and making large order deliveries to place on Amazon.
For more Entrepreneur activities/meetings visit https://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar


Larry Muck – www.NearZeroLLC.com Years of experience in helping inventors transform their ideas into products and production with optimum efficiency working to keep all sources for products within the United States.

Mary Moeller – www.campgroundcommander.com Topic: Creating and vetting ideas and products before successfully bringing them to market.
For more Entrepreneur activities/meetings visit https://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar


The Shark Off – www.thesharkoff.com Shark repellent surfer jewelry

Groove Washer www.grovewasher.com Steve Chase a talks about the Groove Washer now in the markets all over.
For more Entrepreneur activities/meetings visit https://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar


Peak Energy Technology – www.peakenergytech.com Product to recycle electricity saving up to 25% on electricity bill
For more Entrepreneur activities/meetings visit https://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar


Modus Light – www.moduslight.com Manufacturing and sourcing company working with smaller companies, start ups and larger companies and have 15 core manufacturing plants

John Meyer – product liability; upc codes; packaging for Shipping
For more Entrepreneur activities/meetings visit https://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar

Submit your #GEWKC idea for a workshop, panel, presentation etc., by August 18. https://www.kcsourcelink.com


Midwest Regional US Patent & Trademark Representative
For more Entrepreneur activities/meetings visit https://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar


Sally Williams Technology Development and Commercialization Consultant MO SBDC – Topic: Market Analysis – Product value Proposition & Product Differentiation Analysis https://info.umkc.edu/sbtdc | williamssall@umkc.edu

Jack Harwell – Business Advisor SBDC Kansas – Topic – Business Production Strategy Analysis – Financial Analysis, Make or license analysis & SBIR application assistance jharwel1@jccc.edu | 913-469-2464


November – Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Panel Discussion of Specialists
For more Entrepreneur activities/meetings visit https://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar

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Be Our Speaker

Be Our Speaker

Do you have an invention that needs resources or review?

Do you have an invention that is already becoming a success?

Do you have experiences and insights that can help and inspire others?

Have an Invention? Present at Our Inventor Meet-Ups…

You can present your story, perspectives and products at one of our upcoming meetings or events. Help to educate, motivate and inform our audience, in KC and abroad.

Each monthly meet-up showcases 2 speakers, one inventor and a headline keynote.

Our Inventor presenters are pursuing their invention ideas and providing something fresh for the consumer market. By presenting your idea, you create awareness, discover resources and collect valuable feedback from potential customers and qualified providers.

Our keynotes dive into more detail and discussion on their pursuits, revealing honest observations beneficial to every-stage product creators and entrepreneurs.

To apply to present at an upcoming meet-up or event, please contact us.

Each speaker will be allowed up to 15 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for audience Q & A.
Inventions must be protected (patent, patent pending or provisional) and will be featured in our newsletter the following month.

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    ICKC Board and Committee Members

    Our board of directors and committee chairs are comprised of a talented and knowledgeable cross section of inventors, entrepreneurs and service providers. Through their volunteer efforts, these individuals will be listening, planning and leading the continued goal to provide inventors and Kansas City with one of the best inventor groups and resources in the Country. In fact, in 2018, the Inventors Center of Kansas City was given the prestigious award of “Premier Inventors Organization in the US”.

    ICKC Board meetings are the first Tuesday of each month and are by invitation only. If you are interested in being a part of ICKC leadership, to help with a committee or to be a part of the advisory board, please contact us and let us know how you’d like to serve. Our board is self-electing each November and all positions are volunteer 2-year terms.

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    President – John Meyer

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    Secretary – Jodi Sifers

    Treasurer – Don Dickey

    Website Coordinator – Brian Long

    Social Media – Eric Strautman

    Membership Education and Retention – Kenya Mester

    Board Member – Jordon Root

    Board Member – Chris Shankland

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    Inventors Center of Kansas City
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